Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to Nicole Carter Photography

I have been fascinated by photography ever since I was in highschool but I never took the time to learn until about 6 years ago when my husband bought me my first SLR camera (film).  Since then I have switched to a digital SLR.  In September 2009 I went back to school to become a Registered Massage Therapist.  Part of the reason I chose to become an RMT was for the flexibility.  Being an RMT will allow me to make my own hours and to travel.  Both of these things allow me to pursue my passion of photography.

I have also been working towards both my Applied and Arts Photography Certificates part time at Mohawk College.  The official launch of "Nicole Carter Photography" happened in the Summer of 2011 with our Family photo shoot marathon.  It was a great success.  Since then I have been consistently busy and I am currently booking weddings for the 2012 season. 

Contact me at or 289-700-3734.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario

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  1. Awesome person and awesome pics, your number one fan.