Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dave, Amanda and Charlea

I had the opportunity to hang out with the Boocock Family this Sunday and get some pictures of little Charlea Grace who is 4 weeks old.  It was a relaxed photo session shot in the family room.  It was my first time working with such a young baby and I learned alot.  My vision for the session was "au natural" since it was a newborn shoot.  I wanted skin on skin contact between the parents and Charlea.  Charlea didn't love not having her clothes as she got cold easily.  So we took lots of breaks while Dave and Amanda took turns soothing her.  These soothing sessions allowed for some prime picture taking and real moments between the family.  I'm finding I'm becoming more comfortable directing the session's the more I do them.  Hank the family dog also got in on the action often stealing my photography props!  He was such a character.  All in all it was a fantastic session with a great family!


  1. As always Nicole - just beautiful!

  2. Thanks Paula! I also seem to luck out with some pretty amazing models : )