Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ethan Alexander

I had the opportunity to shoot the Scott Family this weekend and I had a great time.  You probably remember them from my first Maternity post.  Ethan is now 3 months old and full of lots of smiles and laughs.  I have been doing my family portraits on location without the luxury of the consistent light that a studio offers.  I have been using whatever light is available to me which can be tricky.  I try and incoporate as much natural light as possible.  These shots were done mostly in the living room in front of the window.  I tweaked the images in lightroom.  I'm really enjoying these on location shoots because it's as if I have been invited to spend a "morning in the life" of the family.  I like the realness of the images and I find doing the pictures in the family's own home offers an intimate element that you might not get in a studio.  Thanks Scott Family for a lovely sunday morning!